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Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is going mainstream, and we need you to buckle up to come along for the ride. Reinventing the finance space while being permissionless and open to anyone is what DeFi has introduced with its incredibly profound fintech services. 

The most recent DeFi news has taken many areas into its ambit including stablecoins, decentralized exchanges, insurance, derivatives, DeFi aggregators, lending, and borrowing among others. 

A further attraction is DeFi’s concept of composability, which means you can mix, match and manage existing DeFi offerings to develop a new one. Hence, newer innovations and needs in the finance space can be easily built on top of the network with everything being governed by smart contracts. 

DeFi offers many compelling use cases beyond the reach of conventional fiat-based financial systems such as transparency, highly programmable smart contracts, tamper-proof transactions, security, and efficient auditability. 

The latest DeFi news will update you on how Hundreds of projects and thousands of investors are examining DeFi’s multitude of potential and opportunities. Let’s get started!