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Our Story

We’re a group of technology enthusiasts, Researching disruptive technology as a hobby. it all started in 2016 since we understood bitcoin and invested in it. We believed in bitcoin and started learning everything we can about life-changing Blockchain technology. We grew with the rise of bitcoin.

In 2019 We started Educating more and more people about this technology and encouraging them to be invested in bitcoin and ethereum. Then we started an open consultancy in Ahmedabad, India for institutional clients registered as Protocols and Tokens Pvt. Ltd. 


The crypto world is constantly updating itself with advancements, market competencies, and adopting new cryptos. To sustain in these ever-changing fast-paced trends, one needs to be notified every minute about breaking news and crypto trading patterns. Our mission is to meet the challenges of the dynamic global virtual currency by providing vital, relevant, and latest news to our audience.


We are performance-driven and focused to deliver authentic and relevant news consistently. With the required strategy, approach, and team spirit  – we aim to achieve a reputation to bring reliable news to our readers. The Crypto Times vision is to onboard individuals with diverse backgrounds, including crypto enthusiasts and those who don’t otherwise get an opportunity to tap into their potential. We want to promote decentralized culture, starting with ourselves, to eventually emerge as the leaderless company wholly owned and run by employees. We encourage a dedicated workforce who see value in being associated with us.

We are passionate about accomplishing our goals and welcome anyone who can take over our ambition as their own. 

Come join our journey to decentralized culture. For more information contact us at [email protected]

Why trust us?

We are in the Crypto industry since 2016, We’ve seen all kinds of ups and downs. we are constantly researching new technologies. We stay up to date with different communities and publishers to get the latest updates and filter them to provide you authentic pieces of information in easy to understanding way.

We understand, try and use any project we recommend to our users. we keep a stable mind in decision making and encourage users for the same.

Our Digital presence

We’ve been spreading awareness on crypto on all digital fronts. Connect with us for your daily update of the crypto space.