Editorial Policy

About Editorial Policy

The objective of The Crypto Times registered under the name Protocols and Tokens Pvt. Ltd. is to redefine authenticity in the world of cryptocurrency. Our motive drives us to sustain in the media with accuracy and truthfulness. We are determined to build confidence in our readers by compiling relevant news across the world.

We value our audience’s compassion to seek content that’s informative without pretense. To achieve this, we follow a set of editorial policy guidelines carefully defined to conduct our work with excellence in what we stand out.  

These guidelines branched out into several aspects of editorial standards to leave no stone unturned in assisting our readers about cryptocurrency.

Information Sources

The news on our site that we publish is either based on linked sites or created by our writers with thorough research, which we approve and validate. All content on our site upholds originality while referring to other sources with credits.

The material posted is evaluated under the supervision of our staff editors, writers, and content analysts. In most cases, we source the conṭent from other sites for absolute, precise, and up-to-date information on time.

Our writers link the news/blogs/statistics to a related site where it was first published. In no case do we entertain plagiarized content or claim the referred material as our own. We provide content to help our audience to keep up with the latest trends and for learning purposes. 

Editorial Autonomy

The Crypto Times has rigorous guidelines and policies to maintain editorial autonomy, which translates to – Our content is free from any outside influence, sponsorship, or paid collaborations.

Our core belief is to provide impartial content to our readers by working independently while following the global media standards. Overall, we are an independent news publishing company that provides every possible data, statistic, trend, and news on cryptocurrency without the involvement of any paid activity.


We are strictly against promoting plagiarized content or referring to content without mentioning hyperlinks to the site. We produce genuine content with thorough evaluation and research. We understand the value of authenticity and the work that goes into making it unique with completeness. Hence, in all circumstances, we do not allow any third party to reproduce any content from our site as their own, whether it is text, image, or video.

The statement by any person in the news, if marked under quotations then is referred to a relevant news source. And by no means do we intend to represent our authors interviewing the person.

Editorial Standards

We are determined to create content that’s well-checked and error-free. Our writers follow a strict set of editorial principles that builds a trustworthy bond with our readers. The team at The Crypto Times comprises individuals with diversified personalities, knowledge, and qualifications. We believe in free speech and do not discriminate in gender, ethnicity, background, and all such factors. Unlike mainstream news platforms, we take the pride in providing the material in the simplest terms so that every reader benefits from our platform.