Sotheby’s First Single-owner NFT Auction Hosts MaxStealth’s Collection

Pak’s Conversion Routine and Tide Routine and XCOPY’s Departed are included among the 26 NFTs in “Inside the World of MaxStealth: A Timeless Collection”.
Sotheby’s First Single-owner NFT Auction Hosts MaxStealth's Collection

The pseudonymous NFT collector MaxStealth who caused a stir when he was among the collectors of Batman art sold for 540.86 ETH, or about $200,000 at the time. Guess what, the NFT enthusiast’s collection of 26 of the most iconic works is going up for auction in the first single-owner NFT sale at Sotheby’s.

The NFT auction “Inside the World of MaxStealth: A Timeless Collection” is not only the world’s first single-owner NFT auction but also the first NFT auction to be held live at Sotheby’s.

New Zealand-born MaxStealth is a Web3 visionary and NFT collector who also owns a number of other high-value crypto art pieces.

He has a personal collection that includes works by XCOPY, Pak, Hackatao, and Beeple. That’s correct! Some of these iconic NFTs will now be auctioned off at Sotheby’s New York auction room on September 14th at 4 pm EDT.

What NFTs can we expect to see in Sotheby’s first single-owner NFT sale, you ask?

Pak’s works Conversion Routine and Tide Routine are on the way to the block. These NFTs are part of the artist’s ongoing “Routine” series.

The work of XCOPY, a well-known GIF artist, titled Departed, is also included among the 26 NFTs. It features XCOPY’s signature dark glitch aesthetic which MaxStealth purchased on the secondary market.

“For me, XCOPY was always a superstar. His style is unique, it is striking and unlike any other artist in this space, there was no question that I was going to buy an XCOPY.”

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Beeple, one of the most well-known artists, is known for his “Everydays: The First 5000 Days” NFT, which created quite a stir. His work to be auctioned off includes Bull Run, Infected and Into the Ether.

Other notable NFTs from “Inside the World of MaxStealth: A Timeless Collection” include “Elephant Dreams” by RAC and Andrés Reisinger, as well as three playful animations by Hackatao.

At the heart of the collection is a group of NFTs known as “The Great 7”, a group of seven works purchased in a single week in October 2020. These include works by Pak, Hackatao, XCOPY, Andrés Reisinger, and Trevor Jones & José Delbo.

“Looking back on history, I truly believe that 2020 will be viewed as an iconic year in the NFT fine art space” he says. “The technology behind NFTs is a foundation of Web3. Total transparency, 100% provenance” MaxStealth said.

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