Surgeon Performed Surgery Remotely Through Metaverse

The doctor presented in the operation theater following instruction from another surgeon located 900 KM away.
Surgeon Performed Surgery Remotely Through Metaverse

Have you ever thought about surgery in the metaverse? Sounds strange, but now actually this is possible. The surgeon Dr. Pedro Gouveia presented in the Breast Unit of the Champalimaud Foundation located in Lisbon to complete surgery with the guidance of Dr. Rogelio Andrés-Luna, who was addressing the University of Zaragoza, in Spain.

The entire operation was executed like a Hollywood sci-fi movie. Both surgeons could feel like they were in the same room. 

This operation was made possible through mixed reality goggles- the Hololens 2 and private 5G Networks and obviously the expertise of doctors. 

By wearing Hololens, Dr. Gouveia can see the patient in front of him with crucial information displayed on the goggles. 

As Dr. Gouveia is a pioneer of metaverse surgery, he was much aware of the use of virtual technology and Hololens to perform breast cancer surgeries. Dr. Andrés-Luna was seated on the stage at the Congress of the Spanish Association of Breast Surgeons, 900KM away from the operation theater. 

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The success of this breast surgery clearly shows the potential of virtual technology in the upcoming future. However, for adequate synchronization of both doctors’ actions, they have used a private 5G network, using German software. 4G network bandwidth is not compatible to operate this kind of risky surgery.  

“5G pulverizes latency, reducing it to a few milliseconds. That is why it was so crucial in the context of our experiment.” Said Dr. Gouveia, “We performed the first live experiment in the world, during breast cancer surgery, using what we call ‘remote proctoring.’”

Dr. Andrés-Luna said, “I provided indications to my ‘apprentice.’ I was able to indicate the sites where he needed to be extra-careful, and show him images or videos. We were in constant audiovisual contact.”

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