Will X Add Crypto Payments To ‘The Everything App’?

In the first Client Council, X team shared updates regarding product roadmaps, content partnerships, and safety work
Will X add Crypto Payments to The Everything App

On September 21, X organized its first Client Council in New York, with numerous high profile attendees from the leading companies. 

While the newly rebranded X (from Twitter) aims for a vision to become ‘The Everything App’, the event outlined several new features, including video calling and payment options. But the company has yet to announce the integration of much anticipated P2P crypto payments, despite having a required license. 

The Client Council was hosted by CEO Linda Yaccarino and showcased the development from the X team, including product roadmaps, content partnerships, and work regarding safety. 

In August, X obtained a license required for cryptocurrency payments, which lit a fire in the crypto community. With this move, the social media company moved closer to its vision of becoming an ‘everything app.’ 

The highlight video of the Client Council event hinted at a peer-to-peer payments feature, but it makes no mention of whether transactions will be specific to cryptocurrency. 

Client Council event hinted at a peer-to-peer payment

X has gone through significant changes since Elon Musk took over the company in a $44 billion deal in October 2023. As a major, he rebranded Twitter into X, describing that it is no longer just a “tweet” platform while sharing a vision to make it an everything app. 

Elon’s love for Dogecoin is not hidden, as he once even replaced the Twitter logo with the Dogecoin logo. He has also hinted at adding Dogecoin integrations to the platform several times. With the strange yet terrific track record of Elon’s bold actions, it’s inevitable that he introduces a crypto centric application to X.

The company previously also introduced a cryptocurrency centric feature that allowed users to add Bitcoin and Ethereum addresses to their profiles for tips. However, it did not integrate much more than just an embedded blockchain address. 

As X has now got everything it requires to become a digital giant, the tech critics are eagerly waiting for peer-to-peer crypto payments. 

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