Vitalik Talks Ethereum’s Tech, Future & More On Warpcast AMA

The Ethereum co-founder answers questions on Ethereum, crypto ecosystem and other numerous technical stuff.
Vitalik Talks Ethereum’s Tech, Future & More On Warpcast AMA

Vitalik Buterin has participated in an AMA organized by Warpcast founder Dan Romero.

The Ethereum co-founder and developer has answered a number of questions that are asked by users on Warpcast, a decentralized social network. 

Starting with Dan Romero himself, asking what keeps him motivated, Vitalik replied that the knowledge crypto community poses and applications that are built inspires to go further in building something really valuable. 

He said that the outcome that it produced with development is not automatic, it all needed to be thought of to achieve desirable results. 

Another user asked about the scope of crypto-based prediction markets on which Vitalik reapplied that it’s becoming bigger. He noted Polymarket and said that it is growing lately with their “business development talent and crypto talent.”

When asked by a user what he thinks most of the time, Viatlik replied that for last two weeks he is thinking about ethererum community can productively engage with AI related issues.

Most of the questions came from developers which contained more technical aspects of Ethereum, the crypto ecosystem, and technology that lies in-between. 

The co-founder of Daylight, a web3 transaction data startup, Kyle McCollom asked on the future of embedded wallets questioning if users will have a new address for every new app or one address will be used for all applications. 

Vitalik said that currently one address is used for many apps while we are reaching towards a phase where users will have a new address for every other application or protocol.

“Sometimes it makes sense for different apps to share wallets, but that should not be the default. We also need to keep improving ZK sends so that the privacy gains from splitting activity become actually real,” he explained. 

The co-founder of Sound Protocol, Gigamash asked on views about onchain governance tools, the Ethereum co-founder expressed that there should be non-binding polling tools which does not necessarily contain a coin to participate.

Vitalik has not been seen much engaging with users on the internet and sharing his views but he has answered many questions in this AMA, even some personal. 

Vitalik Buterin AMA - Wrapcast
Vitalik Buterin AMA – Warpcast

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