The ‘Will Smith Slapping Chris Rock’ Sequence Turns into NFTs

The NFT collection is dubbed as ‘Will Smith slap DAO’ and has over 2000 items available on OpenSea.
The ‘Will Smith Slapping Chris Rock’ Sequence Turned into NFTs

Well, if the social media can’t keep calm after the ‘Will Smith x Chris Rock feat Slap’ episode at the Oscars, then how can the crypto space!! It didn’t as the ‘SlapDao’ (formerly dubbed as ‘Will Smith slap DAO’) is now an NFT collection available on OpenSea.

slap_dao has minted 2000 red-hot NFTs(non-fungible tokens, or ‘non-fungible slaps’) featuring the Will Smith slap jpeg for the collection. However, 1,998 items have been listed on the marketplace for sale.

The NFTs features the moment actor Will Smith slaps comedian Chris Rock in a response to Rock’s joke about his wife’s haircut. The NFTs also have simple features like meme text or punchline (unintentional pun!) on them, and different border colors.

Some NFTs also feature cryptocurrency lingo memes, like ‘WGMI’ (we are gonna make it),‘damp it’, ‘in it for the tech’, ‘paper hand’, ‘wen Coinbase’, ‘wen staking’ and ‘can devs do something?’.

The ‘Will Smith Slap DAO’ NFT collection has 749 owners as of yet. The current floor price is 0.001 ETH (Ethereum) amounting to $3.35.

The most expensive NFT, ‘Will Smith Slap DAO# 1183’ is listed for 20 ETH ($67,531.60) and would be up for sale till 24 September 2022. This NFT was last sold for 0.044 ETH.

The total volume of the Will Smith slap NFTs traded, stands at 13.7 ETH at the time of writing – over $45,000.

Get hold of the smashing NFTs here.

From celebrities to commoners, everyone is diving into the world of NFTs. Thus, proving time and again that NFTs are a great space to be! Recently, an Indonesian college student Ghozali Ghozalu sold his random selfies (worth around $1M) as NFT collection.

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