OpenSea Announces Integration of Polygon into Seaport Protocol

Using Seaport on Polygon allows the introduction of new features such as no listing thresholds and bulk transfers.
OpenSea Announces Integration of Polygon into Seaport Protocol

One of the crypto ventures that dominate the NFT market is OpenSea. The NFT marketplace announced the integration of Polygon into its Seaport protocol implementation.

The extension of Polygon support to Seaport will mean “a more stable buying and selling experience that rivals other chains.”

Seaport is OpenSea’s newly launched web3 marketplace protocol (first launched on Ethereum) for buying and selling NFTs, allowing NFT merchants to make direct trades with digital collectibles buyers. 

According to OpenSea, using Seaport on Polygon enables the launch of several new features on Polygon, including:

  • There are no listing thresholds, and the $5 minimum offer feature is no longer available. 
  • MATIC creators can specify up to four payout addresses to be paid out in real time.
  • English and Dutch auctions.
  • Polygon NFTs can be listed as bundles that can be purchased together by sellers.
  • Bulk transfers of Polygon NFTs to the same wallet in a single transaction.

“In the coming months, we will be adding support for Klaytn and other EVM-compatible chains as well,” the announcement read.

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