Musician Sia Outs herself as the Mysterious Bianca ‘de Medici

Bianca ‘de Medici aka Sia owns more than 570 NFTs right now as listed in her OpenSea profile.
Musician Sia as Bianca 'de Medici

Every day brings a fresh surprise to the NFT world. However, when a well-known musician Sia revealed herself to be a cryptophile, the entire crypto and NFT space was caught off guard.

Sia confirmed that she is behind the NFT-focused Twitter handle @BiancaMedici69.

For days, the account owner teased the identity until finally revealing to be the singer, a day after International Women’s Day.

Currently the Twitter account has over 21k followers and the number of followers are increasing every minute as people are curious about Sia’s NFT adventures.

Sia’s identity was disclosed six months after legendary rapper Snoop Dogg announced that he was the NFT collector Cozomo ‘de Medici.

“Granddaughter of @cozomomedici,” is written in @BiancaMedici69’s profile description affirming the affiliation between the two. Cozomo’s Twitter account also offered a hint to Bianca’s true identity a few hours before Sia’s reveal.

Snoop Dogg aka @CozomoMedici, tweeted on March 1st that he and @BiancaMedici69 had invested 35.58 ETH helping emerging Ukrainian artists in the aftermath of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Seconds after the reveal, Sia tweeted on the Bianca account saying she got into BTC in 2016 and has been collecting altcoins in 2017 but was ‘never much of a speculator’.

Sia called herself a fan of Vitalik Buterin “and his particular genius.” She tweeted “but it wasn’t until I saw the birth of punks, kitties, and the wave of art that followed that I truly fell in love.”

Since its inception in January, the @BiancaMedici69 account has sent out more than 400 tweets. On the OpenSea platform, Bianca ‘de Medici now owns over 570 NFTs.

After the identity reveal she changed her Twitter display picture to the Women and Weapons NFT #787. Sia stated that she is planning to swap out profile pictures every week to support new artists she believes in.

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