MaxStealth’s NFT Collection at Sotheby Raises more than $1.5 Million

MaxStealth's NFT Collection at Sotheby Raises more than $1.5 Million

The 26 NFTs in “Inside the World of MaxStealth: A Timeless Collection” were on exhibit at Sotheby’s auction house on September 14th. More than $1.5 million was raised at the Sotheby’s auction for the legendary Maxstealth’s NFT collection.

“The Departed” by XCOPYART sold for $630,000, while two of Pak’s NFT works sold for more than $500,000. 

Additionally, Beeple’s artwork raised $100,800 and Hackatao’s artworks raised over $330K in the live auction.

MaxStealth, an anonymous prolific NFT collector, was hosted for the first single-owner NFT auction in the world. The MaxStealth collection was the first-ever NFT auction to be held live at Sotheby’s. The online bidders received a Proof of Attendance Protocol (POAP) NFT for participating in the auction.

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