Is Louis Vuitton Partnering with Yayoi Kusama to Launch NFTs?

Louis Vuitton Partners with Yayoi Kusama to Launch NFTs

Louis Vuitton celebrates its 200th anniversary by teaming up with artist Yayoi Kusama, however there is no NFT collection affiliated to the collaboration.

False reports are rampant claiming Louis Vuitton will allow buyers to convert these NFTs into physical products in commemoration of its 200th anniversary. 

Hadrien Huet, Head of Online Brand protection at Louis Vuitton, told The Crypto Times that “Louis Vuitton will not be launching any NFT collection within the context of its collaboration with Mrs. Yayoi Kusama.” 

“In the past few days, we have seen forged NFT collections emerging on Opensea, as ill-intentioned third parties are obviously attempting to take advantage of this misunderstanding,” he added.

The first Yayoi Kusama partnership from 2012 was under the creative direction of Marc Jacobs, which featured Kusama’s signature polka dots atop LV bag silhouettes.

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