Louis Vuitton Releases PFP NFT Rewards in Louis: The Game

The profile picture NFTs are developed in partnership with Beeple’s Wenew Labs.
Louis Vuitton Releases PFP NFT Rewards in Louis:The Game

The French luxury fashion house, Louis Vuitton, yet again experiments with non-fungible tokens (NFTs) as it releases profile pictures (PFP) NFT rewards in its stand-alone mobile application game ‘Louis: The Game’.

As per reports, the NFTs are developed in partnership with Beeple’s Wenew Labs. The company has also collaborated with sibling company Possible and used Ethereum from Louis Vuitton’s wallet.

Introduced in August last year, in Louis: The Game, players can dress up their brand-inspired avatar called Vivienne and roam around gathering postcards that represent and cover the luxury brand’s 200-year old history. 

The company has added new levels and new NFT rewards to the application.

Players collecting a certain number of free NFTs in the game can qualify for an NFT raffle, which goes on till August 4. The day that marks Louis Vuitton’s birthday as revealed by one of the postcards in the game. 

Players can win one of the 10 new NFTs that feature Vivienne in different outfits. This NFT can be utilised as a PFP and is transferable throughout virtual platforms and social media platforms as an avatar.

The game already has had 2 million app downloads.

Luxury fashion brands have increasingly been betting on Crypto space, Metaverse and NFTs. Recently, Gucci acquired virtual land in The Sandbox platform to develop its own fashion inspired metaverse platform that will feature Gen Z-focused platform Gucci Vault. 

Amidst this commotion of crypto ventures, The Sandbox recently joined with ALTAVA Group to expand luxury fashion and lifestyle brands partnership in the metaverse.

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