Is Ben Armstrong Separated From BitBoy Crypto?

A friend of Ben Armstrong, Wendy O, has confirmed this rumor on her livestream.
Is Ben Armstrong Separated From BitBoy Crypto?

A statement shared by some well-known crypto personalities has suggested that Ben Armstrong, founder of the famous YouTube channel BitBoy Crypto, has reportedly departed from the brand.

Jason A. Williams and Ran Neuner, well-known crypto influencers, shared a statement on platform X from Around The Blockchain. According to that statement, Ben Armstrong will not be part of BitBoy Crypto. 

The statement says, “Effective immediately, Ben Armstrong will no longer be working with Hit Network/BJ Holdings and all subsidiary brands including but not limited to BitBoy Crypto and Around The Blockchain.”

A friend of Armstrong and a prominent crypto influencer, Wendy O, confirmed the rumors to her 194,000 subscribers during her livestream. She said, “This is not FUD, this is actually real. I can confirm that this is real.” 

On the live stream, she also highlighted the tweet posted on a secondary Twitter account allegedly linked to Ben Armstrong. Tweet says, “This is Ben. TJ Shedd & Justin Williams have attempted a coup at my company. Just confirming what is going around. It’s true. There has been a mutiny at BitBoy Crypto & Hit Network. But it won’t work. They have no leverage. Until they can clone me, I have nothing to worry about.”

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