Hackers Target Multichain Users With Fake Twitter Account

The imposter account targest users with fake refund claims.
Hackers Target Multichain Users With Fake Twitter Account

An Imposter Twitter account has been misleading people by pretending to be a Cross-Chain Router Protocol, Multichain. The account, which is operated by the @MuItlichainOrg, has been using the names and logos of legitimate Twitter accounts @MultichainOrg.

The imposter account uses a capital “I” in the spelling of “Multi” which can be commonly misunderstood by a lot of people. It is worth noting that the account spells Multi as “MuItli”. 

The legitimate Multichain protocol recently suffered Cross-Bridge Vulnerability, resulting in the loss of a substantial amount of user-provided tokens, valued at approximately $130 million. This breach shook the crypto community.

Taking advantage of this situation, the fraudulent account @MuItlichainOrg issued a deceitful announcement, stating, “We are sorry. We are refunding everyone.” 

The imposter account aims for phishing attacks and scam users. They said that “Multichain is going to personally refund all lost user funds. Click below to apply,”  and gave the link to the fraudulent website. They have created the exact replica of the official Multichain website to scam users. 

Beware of imposter accounts on social media claiming to be reputable cryptocurrency projects like Multichain. Always verify official channels and avoid engaging with suspicious messages to protect your assets and personal information.

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