First Day Of SBF Trial Goes Quite As Judge Opts For Jurors

Judge asked some voir dire questions to potential jurors to select 12 of them to go further with the case.
First Day Of SBF Trial Goes Quite As Judge Opts For Jurors

The trial for a high-profile crypto case against collapsed exchange FTX and its founder, Sam-Bankman Friend (SBF), began on October 3, with the judge opting for jurors. 

District Judge Lewis A. Kaplan has spent the whole first day selecting potential jurors for the trial by asking standard voir dire questions. Out of all the potential jurors, 12 will be selected, along with six alternatives to go further with the case.

Judge Kalpan presented a brief overview of the case to jurors without disclosing much information. Jurors are just told that Sam-Bankman Fried is accused of defrauding investors and clients of his crypto exchange, FTX investors, and Alameda Research.

The courtroom was stormed by journalists from different media channels and publications who were sent to a different room due to a lack of space. The chosen courtroom was so small that SBF’s defense had to sit behind the prosecution instead of on the opposite side.  

The key figure, SBF, was seated among a group of lawyers with a transformed look from his iconic style. SBF was looking so different that he was told to stand up in the courtroom so the jurors could recognize him. Other than that, he spent the day quietly typing on his laptop and conversing with his counsel. 

It’s been 11 months since the FTX exchange collapsed, and a lawsuit was filed against its founder, SBF. During this period, several internal and external legal conflicts arose, all of which revolved around SBF and FTX. 

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