DC Launches Collectible Comics NFTs on Palm Network

To kickstart, DC has released Superman #1 which is the first DC NFT comic under ‘DC COLLECTIBLE COMICS NFTs’ and is priced at $9.99.
DC Launches Collectible Comics NFTs on Palm Network

The famous DC comics is expanding its NFT offerings with the launch of its collectible comics on the Palm network, the Ethereum-based blockchain focused on energy efficiency. These NFT comics will be dropped as weekly launches which can be bought, sold, and traded via the fan NFT marketplace at nft.dcuniverse.com

These brand new collectibles are called ‘DC COLLECTIBLE COMICS’ which now has released its very first Superman #1 collectibles. This is the first DC NFT comic and is priced at $9.99. 

These NFT collectible comics will come in two categories namely Legacy and Modern. Legacy comics are releases of classic comics that have never gone out of print for years – such as the legendary Superman #1. On the other hand, Modern comics include the latest release from the ever-expanding universe of DC comics.

DC Senior Vice President and General Manager Anne DePies also showed enthusiasm for this launch, mentioning that DC wants to take the physical, real-world experience of collecting comics that readers have loved over the years and expand the experience into a new digital community.

What makes these NFT collectible comics interesting is that they come with a rarity grading of five levels including Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, or Legendary. When you purchase one of the Legacy collection NFTs, the rarity level will include digital wear and tear on the comics, demonstrating how grading works in the comic book industry.

However, Modern collection NFTs will feature different variant covers for every level of rarity. The next releases in the line include Black Adam, Batman, Harley Quinn, and others. 

Most recently, the pop culture collectible brand Funko partnered with Warner Bros for DC Comics’ phygital NFT exclusively via retail firm Walmart.

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