Christie’s Launches Fully On-Chain “Christie’s 3.0” NFT Marketplace

The launch of the Christie’s 3.0 NFT marketplace is accompanied by an inaugural NFT sale featuring a curated auction of nine NFTs designed by artist Diana Sinclair.
Christie's Launches Fully On-Chain "Christie's 3.0" NFT Marketplace

The legendary 256-year old auction house Christie’s decides to expand its presence in the NFT game as it goes fully on-chain on the Ethereum blockchain network with the launch of the brand new Christie’s 3.0 NFT marketplace.

According to the press release, Christie’s 3.0 addresses the “fundamental needs of the market by including compliance and taxation tools, making it the first of its kind.”

Christie’s collaborated with NFT platform Manifold, analytics firm Chainalysis, and metaverse platform Spatial to develop the new NFT marketplace.

The launch of the marketplace is accompanied by a grand inaugural NFT sale featuring a curated auction of nine NFTs designed and minted by renowned visual artist Diana Sinclair. 

Bidding for the NFTs will be made available from September 28 to October 11, 2022. “Lots are estimated at accessible price points, ranging from 4 to 8 ETH” the announcement notes.

Christie’s hopes to discover and introduce young, rising artists “to an international and digitally savvy market” through this new NFT marketplace. 

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Nicole Sales Giles, Christie’s Director of Digital Art Sales, noted “The Merge was such a tremendously important milestone for the Ethereum network. By ushering in a new era of sustainability and transaction speeds, the Merge allows for both consignors and buyers to […] get excited. While we have been building Christie’s 3.0 for some time, given these benefits, we felt now was the right time to launch.”

Christie’s is already famous in the industry for conducting breakthrough NFT auctions for popular artists and entrepreneurs like Beeple and Gary Vee. 

The most prominent auction would be that of Beeple’s Everydays: The First 5000 Days which was sold for $69.3M at the Christie’s Auction, now ranking as the second most expensive NFT.

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