Chris Brown’s NFT, ‘The Breezyverse’ Remains ‘iffy’ & Unsold

The NFT collection with 10,000 NFTs have been coldly received by fans and NFT enthusiasts both with the floor price dropping to 0.07 ETH as of now.
Chris Brown’s NFT, ‘The Breezyverse’ Remains ‘iffy’ & Unsold

American singer-songwriter, Chris Brown’s NFT collection ‘Breezyverse’ which was launched a month ago remains unsold and well, looks like nobody is saying ‘Gimme that’ to them either!

Breezyverse, which is a collection of 10,000 NFTs, has a somewhat peculiar characteristic. That underlying feature is an animation of Chris Brown standing like a superhero on ‘top’ of what seems like a building, but each one has a different characteristic too.

But what’s ‘Iffy’ is that at a time when celebrity NFTs have replaced ‘autographs’ and ‘selfies’, his NFTs have turned out to be cold! Because only 809 Breezyverse NFTs have been minted, since its launch on July 1.

Additionally, the collection was initially minted at 0.185 ETH. And now, the floor price continues to drop and is at 0.07 ETH on OpenSea as of this writing .

But what’s even more surprising is how the NFT collection was so highly priced giving off the impression that Chris Brown and the developing team of the Breezyverse collection really had ‘No Guidance’!!

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Usually, NFT collections are launched at just under 0.1 Ether, but since the market crash, the value of Ethereum has dropped by 67% this year. 

The Breezyverse NFT collector will enjoy utilities like VIP concert tickets, a reception and meeting event with Chris. Despite that, one simply cannot miss out the fact that the NFT market is especially a place for yielding ‘profits’ rather than simply getting concert tickets or other utility.

Another reason the NFT collection has been so coldly received is the crash and collapse of the crypto market in recent months.

The Breezyverse team explained, “As the market is on, we knew this collection would be a slow and steady offering. The Chris Brown audience was focused as an introduction to a long-term fan club community project that uses digital space to track ownership.”

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