‘99 Originals’ NFTs: Logan Paul’s Journey in Images

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How do you keep some of the best memories of your life ‘livin’, through images? How do you keep them ‘alive forever’ – through NFTs perhaps!? Well, this precisely is the notion behind famous YouTuber, Boxer, Social media personality, Logan Paul’s NFT Collection, ‘99 Originals’!

Logan Paul’s ‘99 Originals’ is the latest venture from the star after he gained huge profits ($535k) with the sale of his World of Women NFT. Not just this, he recently announced turning his most prized possession, the world’s most expensive Pokemon card, into an NFT! It was only a matter of time that he gave a personal creative touch to the NFT Space.

 “I still wanted to create something that was timeless, something that reflected who I was behind the camera.” 

Logan Paul

What is ‘99 Originals’?

‘99 Originals’ is a collection of 99 Original, 1/1 unaltered Polaroids NFT taken over the span of 99 consecutive ‘transformative’ days by Logan Paul. At least one Original NFT is up for auction every day on originals.com

Logan Paul, who is a self-confessed NFT enthusiast, first shared a glimpse of the NFT collection depicting ‘clicked excerpts’ from his life in April. The very first of the 99 Originals featured the ‘Legend of the NFT Space’ itself- ‘Beeple’ and was sold for a whopping 25 ETH. The proceedings from this sale were donated to the Ukraine war relief effort.

Logan Paul’s polaroid NFTs are a souvenir of moments and memories and some, a reminder of his transformative life. The different NFTs are accompanied with different utilities and perks.

How to buy ‘99 Originals’ NFT Collection?

If you’re looking to own one of these Logan Paul NFT that entails his regenerative journey, simply follow these steps, to purchase 99 Originals:

  • Go to the originals.com website.
  • Connect your crypto wallet and make sure you have enough Ethereum [ETH] in your wallet.
  • Place your bid on the website.

The bidding process is quite a cupcake! The auctions run throughout 24 hours, with a rest timer of 15 minutes for bids placed within the last 15 minutes.

Now to increase the chances of your offer, your bid has to be 10% more than the current bid amount. Once you place a successful offer, your ETH will be ‘retained’ until you are outbid by someone else.

It is imperative to note that one must stay vigilant about giving ample time for the bidding process.

How did 99 Originals Come into being?

Logan Paul’s love for NFT space is a self-admitted one!! He is a proud owner of as many as 139 NFTs from over 16 collections.

However, the thought of dropping his own NFT occurred when on August 21, 2021, he was pushed into a creative maelstrom that weaved together every piece of his life ‘in the past, present, and future’. 

Logan Paul motivated himself to strive beyond his mental and physical limits as he went on a life-changing trekking of 84,029 miles around the globe with his Polaroid camera, ‘OneStep+’.

It was during this tedious yet transitioning journey that he broke bones while experiencing miracles. His journey was no less than a ‘quixotic drama’ with family issues, substance addiction, co-travelling with the world’s wealthiest and several romantic rendezvous.

He lived dangerously in the moment and concluded with 99 of the most significant memories of his life captured on a perceivable film.

This is how 99 Originals was born!!

What will 99 Originals NFT Holders Receive?

99 Originals comes along with several exciting perks (and pretty sure Logang would be dying to grab some of it). But what makes his NFTs truly ‘rare’ is that some of the specific perks come with only a few Polaroid NFTs.

For instance, the #8 holder yields CryptoPunk #6762 (featured on necklace) after holding it for 99 consecutive days and other perks.

The holder of 99 Originals #16 NFT can choose the colour of Logan Paul’s Robe & Shorts for his next fight and walk Logan out to his next fight.

Apart from this, other perks include:

  • Exclusive Access to High Resolution (1GB+) scan of their Original.
  • Membership to Originals DAO. 1 Original = 1 Vote.
  • CCO License* for specific Originals (deal-based pending specific featured collaborators).
  • They can redeem the physical 1/1 Original upon completion of the project, authenticated & slabbed by PSA.

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Where will NFT Funds go?

The NFT funds will be used for many purposes. The general breakdown for Original NFT sales would be: 

  • 49% of the fund would go to LP tokens.
  • 50% of the sales will be allocated to Originals DAO’s ‘Community Treasury’.
  • A part of it will be kept for deal-based splits for featured collaborators.
  • 1% royalties will be allocated to holders of Logan Paul’s Pokemon NFTs.

Note that the proceeds that are not allocated to feature collaborators, Logan Paul, or royalty holders will be retained by the Originals DAO. When it comes to funds from Secondary Market sales, Logan Paul & Community Treasury will retain 3.5% of royalties from it.

What is the Originals DAO?

Originals DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) is a community with a shared bank account called ‘Community Treasure’ and a cap table.

Each Original NFT owner is a privileged member in the DAO and is entitled to make collaborative decisions on how to spend funds held in the Community Treasury. Remember that 1 Original NFT stands for 1 Vote on proposals.

With the DAO membership, members will have access to a close-knit community with exclusive chats, events and opportunities.

99 Originals is already making news with its meticulous perks and its ‘carpe diem’ vibes. Logang is all set to show they ‘Stan’ their favourite Logan Paul and his NFT collection which is nothing short of an adventure classic!!

What is the Purpose of Originals DAO? 

The Originals DAO is created keeping in mind few community-oriented goals and objectives. They are as follows: 

  • To buy digital and/or physical assets.
  • To Manage assets held in the Treasury.
  • To fund creative projects by fellow DAO members.
  • Experiential access to experiential events.
  • To suggest topics or guests for ‘IMPAULSIVE’ podcast.
  • To sponsor independent artists, gallery showcases, and activations.

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