BNB Chain Resolves opBNB’s High Gas Fee Glitch On MetaMask

A glitch in Metamask was showing the average gas cost of all chains, which is much higher than the actual gas fee on opBNB.
BNB Chain Resolves opBNBs High Gas Fee Glitch On MetaMask

BNB Chain has resolved a MetaMask glitch regarding opBNB’s high gas fees. 

The bug came to the spotlight as gas fees on opBNB seemed much higher while giving the impression that the network was slow. 

According to the latest announcement from BNB Chain, the glitch is now fixed, and opBNB is ready to serve with fast, cheap, and secure transactions.

The glitch occurred as Metamask set a default minimum recommended gas price on the basis of average gas from all chains. “This makes sense for most L1 and L2 networks, but it didn’t quite align with opBNB,” said BNB Chain.

opBNB’s gas price can be even lower than that of other layer 1 or layer 2 networks, but Metamask’s configuration did not catch opBNB’s lowest of all gas cost hence it was displaying much higher.

The BNB Chain team reached out to Metamask and explained the situation. “They were extremely helpful and agreed to update their algorithm to accurately reflect the true opBNB gas price,” said BNB Chain.

opBNB is a layer 2 network built using OP Stack and it recently went live on mainnet on September 13

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