Bitget Plans For High-Limit Credit Card For Crypto Payments

Through Bitget Card, users will be able to exchange their cryptocurrency holdings for fiat money.
Bitget's $10M Investment For Indian Blockchain Companies

Bitget, a cryptocurrency derivative and copy trading platform, has announced at the Future Blockchain Summit in Dubai Harbour that they will launch Bitget Card.

According to the platform, the Bitget Card will be a high-limit Visa credit card with USD values that will facilitate cryptocurrency payment options worldwide. The Managing Director of Bitget, Gracy Chen, shared her insight in a keynote speech during the summit and elaborated the Bitget’s roadmap. 

She said during her speech that users will be able to exchange their cryptocurrency holdings for fiat money using the Bitget Card, which will allow them to make purchases from businesses that accept traditional credit or debit cards.

The card will be fully integrated with Bitget’s trading platform for improved asset management, providing users with direct access to their accounts and digital wallets. 

The card has additional features, including cashback rewards on eligible purchases, complete foreign exchange rates for overseas transactions, and robust security measures to protect against fraud. The company expects the card to be used in up to 180 countries and hopes for global acceptance.

Recently, In response to the increasing demand from traders for sophisticated tools and strategies, Bitget also introduced a Signal Bot trading feature.

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