Yuga Labs Sewer Pass Transforms Into Robots To Level Up In Games

The floor price of NFTs reached 2.7 ETH.
Yuga Labs Sewer Pass Transforms Into Robots To Level Up In Games

The world-renowned NFT creator, Yuga Labs, dropped a new NFT collection, “HV-MTL,” Where Sewer Pass holders can transform their NFTs into robots known as Mechs through the summoning process. 

The HV-MTL (Heavy Metal) collection is made up of 30,000 Mechs derived from 8 different Power Source types. However, only Sewer Pass NFT holders can participate in the minting, as they can burn their NFTs to summon a Power Source that will reveal an Evo 1 Mech.

Evo 1 holders can join the future minigame sets with their Evo 1s. It will help them to unlock additional HV-MTL evolution stages. 

The floor price for the HV-MTL NFTs reached 2.7 ETH at the time of writing on OpenSea. 

Dookey Dash is the skilled-based mint gaming experience powered by Yuga Labs, where players can compete in an endless running challenge and win rewards. 

However, some minters have faced some issues as their minted NFT was not showing the accurate Companion trait on HV-MTL Power Sources. Specifically, the issue has been seen in NFTs purchased before 7:44 PM EDT.  

As per the latest tweet from Bored Ape Yacht Club, the metadata for such NFTs, and traits have been updated again and are expected to be resolved. Also, BAYC declared compensation for buyers who bought NFTs prior to the cut-off time, in which they will send ETH to affected wallets to cover the difference between the amount paid and the floor.

Last month, a famous Fortnite star player Kyle “Mongraal” Jackson, won the Dookey Dash and was awarded Sewer Pass Golden Key, which he later sold for $1.6 million.

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