Wrigley to Enter NFT and Metaverse Space with ‘Juicyverse’

Wrigley to Enter NFT and Metaverse Space with ‘Juicyverse’

The US-based multinational food company, Mars-owned Wrigley, is to debut in NFT and Metaverse space with the trademark of “Juicyverse”. The American chewing gum company Wrigley filed a trademark application to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for “Juicyverse,” on March 24.

The trademark application demonstrates that the company will facilitate Web3 services, as a result of which, the company will offer downloadable image files, including images of artwork, confectionery, candy, or snacks authenticated by blockchain technology-based non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Additionally, the application shows a keen interest in showcasing a range of products such as movie clips, music, confectionery, and digital avatars for use in the virtual world created for entertainment purposes.

Specifically, the Wrigley company intends to offer a virtual  atmosphere where “users can interact for recreational, artistic, leisure, or entertainment purposes.”

This is not the first time that food brands are filing for NFT and Metaverse-related trademark applications. Even Mars, who owns Wrigley, has filed for NFT related trademark for SNICKERS in June 2022.

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