Whale Deposit 15,000 ETH To OKX, Hint For An Upcoming Dump?

Approximately $23 million of ETH was sent to the exchange by an anonymous ETH whale on September 26.
Whale Deposit 15000 ETH To OKX Hint For An Upcoming Dump

An Ethereum whale has deposited an enormous amount of 15,000 Ethereum (ETH) on the OKX exchange. The transaction worth $23.8 million in ETH took place on September 26 at 2:20 UTC. It was shared by blockchain transaction tracker Whale Alert on X (Twitter). 

The anonymous whale has left the whole crypto community curious with this move. While the blockchain is transparent and anyone can track onchain data, such a transaction like this could influence millions of users to think about a potential dump in the ETH market. 

In addition, whales sending crypto assets to centralized exchanges often hint at upcoming downtrading in the asset market. 

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