Van Gogh-Inspired NFTs Sell for Over $1 Million Each Amid Resurgence in Market

NFT Sales Surge to $129M in Early November

A recent surge in non-fungible token (NFT) sales has seen two digital art pieces inspired by Vincent Van Gogh’s paintings sell for over $1 million each this week. 

According to data from on-chain aggregator, an NFT version of a Van Gogh painting sold for 35.9999 BTC ($1,313,635) on November 18, while another went for 34.9999 BTC ($1,275,612) just a day before. 

The soaring prices echo the frenzied interest seen in NFTs earlier this year and suggest a revival for the market, which had slowed down in recent months. data shows global NFT sales jumped 40% in the second week of November to hit $238 million.

Interestingly, NFT collections on the Bitcoin network have outpaced those on Ethereum, raking in $100 million versus $93 million. Other chains like Solana and Polygon are also seeing millions in sales. 

The blockbuster sales come on the heels of the Musée d’Orsay in Paris announcing NFTs inspired by Van Gogh’s final days. With 2,300 pieces each, one category offers an AR experience of Van Gogh’s palette, while the other showcases digital art echoing his style.

Some analysts see the million-dollar sales as a bullish sign for NFTs. As digital art continues gaining legitimacy in the mainstream art world, more record-breaking auction prices could be on the horizon.

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