Uniswap Launches App For Android Users, Opens Early Access

The team will allow users to beta-test the Uniswap Android app over the next few weeks to gain feedback before its public launch.
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Uniswap, the most popular decentralized exchange (DEX), is launching its mobile application for Android users, months after its launch on iOS. 

Uniswap Labs announced on October 12 that the Uniswap wallet application is going to be launched for Android devices, following a huge demand from community members. It is currently live in beta, and the team is inviting users to join the waitlist in order to get early access.

With its Android operating system (OS) app, Uniswap Labs has introduced a number of new features to enable seamless swaps between the mainnet and different layer 2 networks. It has also added other useful features, such as swap protection and a transparent fee structure for transactions. 

The announcement blog post stated that the team will be adding people from the waitlist to test the application in order to gain user feedback over the next few weeks.

Uniswap application’s iOS version was launched in April after a heavy back-off from Apple regarding the App Store’s policies and unsure legal framework for crypto-native applications.

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