Unibot Confirms Being Exploited, Token Drops Over 30%

A token approval exploit causes Unibit to lose over $600k while its token plunges more than 30% within an hour.
Unibot Confirms Being Exploited, Token Drops Over 30%

Crypto trading-bot, Unibot has confirmed that it was exploited on October 31, reportedly losing more than $600k.

Unibot announced that the incident happened due to a token approval exploit from a new router. The router is currently paused, and the team is investigating the hack. It is further said that funds lost in this exploit will be compensated to users.

Lookonchain, an onchain analysis firm, noted the ongoing hack and asked users to move out funds and revoke approvals from the bot-associated contracts. 

According to data from DeBank, the hacker has stolen approximately $639k from Unibot users.

Unibot Exploiter - DeBank
Unibot Exploiter – DeBank

Following the exploit, the native UNIBOT token has dropped more than 30% within an hour, according to data from Coinmarketcap. The hacker has now transferred all the funds to Tornado, a crypto mixer to erase tracking of funds.

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