Ukraine Influencer Alex Tillen Burns $35K Putin NFT to Aid War Victims

Alex Tillen burns Putin NFT which was part of Meta Stellar NFT project featuring 10,000 most influential people.
Ukraine Influencer Alex Tillen Burns $35K Putin NFT to Aid War Victims

The ongoing Ukraine war has every Ukrainians’ blood boiling. This is evident in the Ukrainian influencer Alex Tillen a.k.a. Aletinsky’s latest YouTube video titled “Burn Putin NFT” where he was seen burning a Putin NFT digital art piece worth $35k. 

Vladimir Putin was included in the NFT project Meta Stellar, which enlisted 10,000 of the influential people in the world. Calling him a “terrorist”, Aletinsky goes on to burn Putin in the digital space. 

The Putin NFT was on presale with its second market price going all the way to 11ETH or $35K and now after being burned it cannot be restored and is valueless.

The influencer used the video to burn the NFT at a cost of approximately $18 and also use it as a fundraiser for the war victims. Aletinsky made history as it was the highest value NFT that was ever burnt, clearly symbolizing his feelings towards all the horrible things that Putin has done to Ukraine.

The video reaching about 50,000 views while writing, is urging people to donate to the well-being of Ukrainians and to support the Ukraine army by attaching fundraising links.

Crypto donations have been utilized by the Ukrainian government to raise funds for everything from the purchase of body armor to acquiring medical supplies. With the help of the official website accepting crypto donations ‘Aid for Ukraine’, ballistic plates for bulletproof vests were provided for the frontline military. For the same, Vice Prime Minister Mykhailo Fedorov thanked the crypto community on Easter.

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