UK Treasury Disclosures for Q1 Expose Meet ups with Top Crypto Execs

John Glen and Rishi Sunak are actively engaging with UK’s crypto stakeholders to position the UK as a pro-crypto nation.
UK Treasury disclosures for Q1 expose meet ups with top crypto execs

The Q1 2022 meeting logs of Her Majesty’s Treasury (HMT) UK reveal Rishi Sunak and John Glen’s meetings with the who’s who of the Cryptoverse, to brand the UK as a pro-crypto hub. These meetings were held with the objective of pitching a pro-crypto stance of the UK, cohesively shaping its digital assets’ strategy.

The UK Treasury’s former Economic Secretary, John Glen, and the former Chief Secretary, Rishi Sunak, are actively engaging with crypto industry stakeholders.

Senior Executives from leading crypto firms, such as Coinbase, Binance, Paxos, and Circle, met Sunak and Glen in February and March.

While meeting John Glen in January, the University of California Professor Barry Eichengreen revealed his sceptic view for the future of cryptocurrency in today’s financial ecosystem.

Douglas Leone, a managing partner (MP) at Sequoia, spoke with Rishi Sunak on the UK’s venture capital market. Executives from a16z, Kingsway Capital, and Epos Now also spoke with John Glen on related topics.

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At the culmination of 2021, Rishi Sunak is reported to have attended a roundtable meeting with Sequoia and a16z at California state. The said meeting was also graced with the presence of Bitwise, Celo, Iqoniq, and Solana.

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