Trojan Set By Ex-Huobi Employee Leaks iToken Wallet Private Keys

The trojan set by a former employee puts iToken’s security and user funds at risk.
Trojan Set By Ex Huobi Employee Leaks iToken Wallet Private Keys

iToken, formerly known as Huobi Wallet, is compromised as a trojan virus set by Huobi’s ex-employee leaks user’s mnemonics or private keys. 

The hack comes into the spotlight as a victim user confirms the hack and provides the hacker’s address, which has accumulated a total of 772 Ether. The address has received several large ETH transactions since September 2.

Suspected iToken Hacker Address
Suspected iToken Hacker Address

According to crypto reporter Wu, the wallet’s private keys were leaked due to a Trojan virus set up by a former employee of the company. The employee is currently being investigated by local police.

iToken warned its users that some wallet addresses are at security risk. Wallet’s security agency team has taken action to safeguard user assets.

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