Stevey Trom Joins Uniswap as Head Of Community

Stevey Trom is open to ideas, feedback, and opportunities that can help with his community work.
Stevey Trom Joins Uniswap as Head of Community

Stevey Trom, a former manager at OpenSea, will join Uniswap, the famous decentralized exchange platform, as head of the community.

On Twitter, Stevey made this announcement, and he also praised Uniswap, saying, it is a loved and trusted company that is highly legible in the industry. 

“Uniswap Labs is inherently community centric as our mission is unlocking universal ownership and exchange,” Steve said in a tweet thread.  “The team is committed to building towards a reality of shifted dynamics around economics, equality, finances, and ownership for everyday people across the globe.”

Stevey has asked for ideas, feedback, and opportunities for collaboration that will hopefully contribute to his community work at Uniswap. He added, “We are focused on experimenting with new surfaces to engage with our community, and we want all of you to be a part of it.”

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