Snoop Dogg’s B.O.D.R. NFT Album Released in Collaboration with Gala Games

There are only 25,000 Snoop Dogg Stash Boxes available each priced at $5000, with only 1,470 NFTs of each song accessible.
Snoop Dogg Drops B.O.D.R NFT Album

In Brief:

  • Snoop Dogg’s B.O.D.R NFT album dropped on Gala Games blockchain platform.
  • Every Snoop Stash Box will have one of the seventeen tracks in NFT form.
  • If anyone is able to collect all the 17 tracks from multiple Stash Boxes they’ll be eligible for exciting benefits.

Hip hop legend Snoop Dogg dropped his B.O.D.R(Bacc to Death Row) NFT album in partnership with Gala Games.

B.O.D.R. NFT album version of Snoop Dogg additionally offers three bonus tracks and the Snoop Stash Boxes are only available for a limited time and in limited supply.

Each Stash Box of Snoop’s NFTs will have only 1/17 of the tracks from his B.A.C.C album.

If you’re able to achieve the milestone of collecting all the 17 different tracks you will become eligible for multiple rewards. This is such a difficult task considering no one knows which track is present in each Stash Box.

The perks include being invited to private concerts and private parties, including possibly BBQs at Snoop Dogg’s home, a limited edition, custom commemorative chain 

and ongoing VIP membership benefits.

The Snoop Stash Boxes are limited to 25,000 and cost $5,000 each, and there will only be 1,470 NFTs of each song.

The sale will end at midnight PST on Sunday. On February 11, B.O.D.R. will also be available in non-NFT form, meaning that it’ll be available in music streaming platforms.

At the moment of writing already 17,140 Stash Boxes are already sold out so get your Stash ASAP to enjoy several benefits.

Snoop Dogg, popularly known as Cozomo de’ Medici in the NFT world is immersed in the NFT game as he recently published his own Medici Minutes where he discusses his insights about the rising NFT sector.

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