Pudgy Penguins’ NFT-Powered Toys Debute in 2,000 Walmart

Each toy would come with a QR code that unlocks digital traits, which can be redeemed in Pudgy World.
Pudgy Penguins' NFT-Powered Toys Debute in 2,000 Walmart

One of the most well-known and expensive NFT collections, Pudgy Penguins, announced the debut launch of its Pudgy Toys collection across 2,000 Walmart stores in the U.S. 

As per the Twitter post, Pudgy Penguins said, “Today marks the beginning of a new era for products and experiences powered by the blockchain. Pudgy Toys are not just toys. They are a toy-line licensed directly from our community that gives buyers their first NFTs and Web3 experience.”

Since May, these toys have been available online. Each toy would include a special birth certificate that, when scanned with a QR code in Pudgy World, an online virtual world built on the zkSync Era blockchain, would enable the user to claim special abilities for their digital “Forever Pudgy” character.

Users can freely walk into Pudgy World’s immersive multiplayer digital world, play games, and completely personalize their Forever Pudgy character. Furthermore, the toy designs borrow characteristics from internationally well-known NFT brands like DeGods and Meebits, ensuring that current NFT holders receive licensing royalties for each corresponding toy sold.

Walmart will sell three exclusive toys that come in blind boxes with clip-on plushies and two brand-new chrome figurines that customers can discover in their mystery igloos. The pudgy toys are sold between $2.99-$11.97. 

Additionally, there are some random toys with a golden ticket that can be redeemable by the user for a mythical trait in Pudgy World.

Brittany Smith, vice president of merchandising for toys at Walmart U.S., said, “Pudgy Penguins is bridging the gap between our physical and digital worlds of play for kids in a really engaging way.”

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