Price Analysis On New All-Time High of Balancer

Price Analysis on Balancer

Current Scenario:

The balancer has created new highs in its current bull run; it has made a new all-time high of $64.73.

Price Analysis on Balancer

Raising Wedgie:

Balacer has started to trace back from its previous high also its ATH. However, this uptrend of balancer is also in form of a raising wedgie indicating a price drop is highly possible. The above chart shows support and resistance level of the wedgie it indicates that value of balancer can drop down to $53-$55 range.

A Black Cloud and shooting star:

After the balancer created its all-time high, the next candle was red and it covered more than 50% of its previous candle. The following candle after that is a red shooting star, this indicates bearish movement in the balancer.


Balancer is on edge of a correction after making an ATH because of

  • Formation of a raising wedgie
  • Presence of black cloud and red shooting star
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