Power Source Awakens: Discover HV-MTL’s Rarity Scale!

The HV-MTL Reveal: Unleashing Sentient Power! Explore the Secrets, Rarity, and Adventure of the Extraordinary HV-MTL Collection
Power Source Awakens: Discover HV-MTL's Rarity Scale!

Remember that wild journey through the swamp’s sewers, where many of you ventured in hopes of extracting a key from a monkey’s space-bending rear end? Well, let’s face it, most of us aren’t Mongraal, so we probably didn’t succeed.

However, the key granted access to a chest adorned with captivating tales. Within that chest, two treasures awaited: a Power Source and a remote shaped like a bone.

Fast forward to today, and behold! Your very own Power Source has taken on a sentient form.

Your Power Source has already undergone a metadata update and is now proudly on display in the marketplaces. If your HV (that’s what we call it) is still in its original form, perhaps it’s feeling a bit bashful. Give its marketplace listing a refresh and be patient for a moment or two.

The HV-MTL collection boasts a whopping eight different types of HVs, each adorned with over 1,050 unique traits. Designing the trait system for this collection wasn’t a walk in the park. We had to navigate a treacherous path to select the perfect model that could accurately rank the rarity of each HV. And no, Gary’s weed didn’t exactly make the task easier. Or maybe it did; who knows?

Now, how does this affect the rarity of HV?

The token IDs assigned to HV-MTLs were based on their Sewer Pass ranking in the exhilarating Dookey Dash. Our Probabilistic formula ensures that the rarity ranking of each HV aligns with its token ID.

So, here’s the deal: Your final Sewer Pass rank from Dookey Dash determines where your HV will land on the rarity spectrum once it’s summoned. In other words, the rarity of your HV is predestined by that ranking and isn’t subject to randomization upon summoning. So, if you’re still holding onto a ranked Sewer Pass, don’t forget that the only way to participate in HV-MTL: Forge (the upcoming game activation) is by summoning your Evo 1 from that pass.

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