Photojournalist REZA launches First NFT Collection with Web3

Photographic journalist Reza Deghati launched his first-ever NFT collection as a “source of new income.”
Photojournalist REZA launches First NFT Collection with Web3

Award-winning photojournalist Reza Deghati launched his first-ever photographic collection in the form of a non-fungible token on 15th March. 

Artist Reza Deghati has collaborated with the LaCollection web3 platform to sell the first digital collection of his photographs, using the signature REZA. 

The NFT collection, titled “Eye to Eye,” will include his best artwork and a special episodic video featuring his voice-over narration, supported by The Artist Academy – a French-speaking artist masterclass.

As per press release, the photos of REZA have been featured on the front pages of such renowned press as National Geographic and Time magazine. 

It was all due to his hard work as he dedicated his life to showcasing the struggles and hopes of the people through photography.

Now the artist can connect with his worldwide network by the help of Web3 technology. Meanwhile, this first-ever web3 project corresponds with a pursuit of novel kinds of involvement with his audience. 

Reza Deghati founded the non-profit organization, Reza Visual Academy, which provides photo training workshops for youth. The launch of the first NFT collection on Web3 will help his charity contribute towards visual education for children.

The first NFT collection sale launched on March 15, 2023 with four limited editions focused on “Childhood”.

REZA stated that “ it is with great pride that I collaborate with change pioneers laCollection and The Artist Academy with whom i have been collaborating for two years now.”  Following more emphasis on Web3 projects that it will be a source of “new income support, among others.”

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