Payment Giant American Express Files Metaverse Trademarks

AmEx may be able to offer “virtual concierge services” for credit card transactions & build an NFT marketplace in the metaverse.
Payment Giant American Express Files Metaverse Trademarks

The credit card service company American Express is the latest to jump onboard into the virtual reality metaverse. It has filed seven new trademark applications related to virtual services in registering the company’s name, its iconic Centurion logo, and slogans.

In Brief:

  • Seven trademarks are filed by the company to register its name, logo, and even slogans for the digital services.
  • SHOP SMALL & MEMBERSHIP REWARDS are among the trademark filings with the USPTO.
  • Financial services like a consultation on crypto, banking services in the metaverse, crypto exchange & trading services are included.

According to filings with the US Patent and Trademark Office, AmEx is considering offering card payments, ATM services, banking services, and fraud detection to customers in the metaverse. Michael Kondoudis, a licensed metaverse trademark attorney, announced the news on Twitter.

The payment giant filed trademark applications of its logo and slogans including American Express, AmEx, Shop Small, and Membership Rewards.

  • Cryptocurrency trading/exchange services; 
  • Crypto payment processing; Digital currency wallet and storage services; 
  • Providing a financial exchange for the trading of digital currency, 
  • Financial advice on digital currency, virtual currency, and cryptocurrency are among the services for which the trademarks are filed.

AmEx is readying to provide electronic funds transfer processing and tracking, virtual concierge, and entertainment services. It also wants to trademark its logo for an online marketplace for buyers and sellers of NFTs.

Firms, businesses, and celebrities have been expanding their presence in the metaverse for some time now, and this is just the most recent example of this rapidly growing trend.

One of the leading U.S. banks JPMorgan has also taken a step forward to verify its presence in the metaverse. It entered the metaverse by launching a virtual lounge in the blockchain-based online world Decentraland to capture the $1 trillion opportunity.

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