Paris Hilton Shares her NFT Journey in Ash Chapter II by PAK

During an interview, she described her NFT career and her experience working with magnificent collaboration.
Paris Hilton Shares her NFT Journey in Ash Chapter II by PAK

American singer and entrepreneur, Paris Hilton is excited about her collaboration with PAK in the upcoming NFT project Ash Chapter II: Metamorphosis. She has shared her iconic journey in the creative NFT space, which gave her a new identity in the digital art world.

$ASH Wednesdays, a newsletter created for PAK that covers news on the $ASH ecosystem, interviewed Paris Hilton to learn about her two-year experience in digital art as she has been building in the NFT and Web 3.0 space since as early as March 2020.

PAK has chosen Paris Hilton to highlight her contribution and works for #femaleisthefuture and #womanofnfts in NFT space, alongside 28 other creators in a magnificent collaboration for the Metamorphosis, which will be launched on 28th March.

The interview tells that Paris Hilton has always been a big fan of PAK. Earlier, she has promoted PAK’s “The Fungible” project while participating in a Clubhouse conversation with Max Moore.

She added a feather on her crown when her “Iconic Crypto Queen” NFT project sold for a whopping $1,111,211, which was developed with fellow Ash Chapter II creator Blake Kathryn.

This achievement has made her top-ranked woman NFT artist on Nifty Gateway.

Now, her interest in NFT seems endless and this year also she is continuously giving in her art creation in the digital world. Last month, she rolled out the “Paris: Past Lives, New Beginnings,” NFT collection on Origin Marketplace.

She told $ASH Wednesdays, “Pak is so talented, so forward thinking and so inclusive of the community…I learned from this drop that I hope I get to collaborate with Pak again in the future as it has been the best.”

Paris Hilton admitted that she doesn’t “think of herself as a celebrity but just another creator. I was immediately excited to create works alongside these 30 incredible artists and just be a small part of something special !”

On the lineup of Ash Two, she commented that she loves to work with many talented artists, but she is happier for female artists “who are breaking molds in this space !”

“Ash Chapter II: Metamorphosis” would add a new chapter in the NFT history as so many incredible artists are working on the project such as Beeple, Ness Graphics, Raf Grassetti, Ness Graphics, Fvckrender, Pussy Riot, and others. 

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