PAK x Assange “Censored” NFT Collection Details Disclosed

The auction for two categories with Clock 1/1 collection and Censored unlimited collection will start from 7th Feb.
PAK x Assange “Censored” NFT Collection

In Brief:

  • Pak’s NFT collection with the collaboration Julian Assange categorized into Clock and Censored NFTs.
  • Clock NFTs will have a 1/1 collection and Censored will have unlimited NFT minting for 48 hours window.
  • AssangeDAO accumulated over $11 million contributions in ETH as of now.

Famous digital artist and creator of unique NFT collection ‘Merge’, once again grabbed many headlines due to his courageous move in the decentralized world. He came up with a Censored NFT collection that consists of two parts: a 1/1 Clock NFT and Censored NFT collection. 

Pak created the Censored NFT collection in collaboration with Julian Assange. 

AssangeDAO is getting contributions from the crypto community to place a high bid against competitors. At the time of writing, AssangeDAO filled its treasury with 3,855 ETH and is still counting. The value is over $11 million.   

Clock NFT is a 1/1 collection that counts the day of Julian Assange in prison. The auction will start from 7th Feb and bidding winners will get the NFT. There are probably high chances of AssangeDAO to claim this NFT.

On the other hand, Censored NFT will have no fixed price and anyone can mint this NFT at any cost, even at zero. Users across the world can mint this NFT for 48-hours of the window.  

However, key details are missing and Pak stated that he will reveal more details soon.

The censored collection is specifically created to help Australian editor and social activist Julian Assange, who unveiled many hidden truths of governments, institutions, and even warlords and mafias. 

After that many countries have issued an international warrant against him and finally send him behind bars in 2019. Whatever he went through in the last few years. Now with the help of a decentralized network.

Similar to FreeRose DAO and Constitution DAO, people on the decentralized network now have formed AssangeDAO to raise funds for a legal fight with the government to free Assange from custody.

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