Mysterious $3 Billion Bitcoin Wallet Belongs To Robinhood

Amid the slight uptick in BTC, the valuation of 118,000 BTC has surged, now reaching $3.13 billion.
Mysterious $3 Billion Bitcoin Wallet Belongs To Robinhood

In the realm of cryptocurrency, crypto enthusiasts are witnessing the revelation of the world’s third-largest wallet holder of Bitcoin. This unveiling comes as a result of thorough analysis and insights from esteemed sources, such as Arkham Intelligence.

Arkham Intelligence reports a strong connection between this BTC address and the renowned cryptocurrency platform, Robinhood Markets Inc. 

A wave of excitement has swept through the cryptocurrency market regarding the third-largest Bitcoin holder, who possesses a staggering $118,000 BTC, valued at around $3.10 billion at current prices. 

As per data from BitInfoCharts, an impressive accumulation of $118,000 BTC has taken place within a solitary Bitcoin wallet in a remarkably short span of four months.

Initial speculation linked this substantial activity to major players such as the leading cryptocurrency exchange Binance and financial giant BlackRock, labeling them as the “primary candidate” involved. 

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However, recent developments have shed light on the situation. Based on Arkham Intelligence’s investigation, it has become evident that the owner of this wallet is none other than the American financial services firm, Robinhood.

With a modest increase in value today, Bitcoin’s price is currently trading at $26,460. As a result, the valuation of the third largest Bitcoin wallet has also experienced growth, now standing at $3.13 billion, as reported by BitInfoCharts.

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