Miner Returns $500K In BTC Mistakenly Paid In Fees To Paxos

After playing with words, the miner finally displayed a good gesture by returning money to its rightful owner.

The Bitcoin miner, F2Pool, has paid back $500K in Bitcoins to blockchain infrastructure firm Paxos after finding the firm mistakenly transferred this whopping amount in Bitcoin fees. 

The miner proved his loyalty and honesty in this case by protecting the integrity of the Bitcoin blockchain network. 

Memepool, a Bitcoin explorer, confirmed the transfer of 19.8 bitcoins from F2Pool (miner’s address) to Paxos.

The incident occurred on September 10, when the community found that someone paid around $500,000 to transact merely $2000 worth of BTC. After seeing this transaction, a series of speculations started, and it was very obvious that someone had made a huge mistake while entering the details of transactions, costing them around $500,000. 

After two days, Paxos came forward with the revelation that the transaction belonged to them and that it happened due to a bug present in the server. To avoid panic, Paxos also assured the community that user funds are safe. Paxos took sole responsibility for the mistake, as some people suspected the involvement of PayPal. 

Prior to sending the BTC, the miner engaged in a word game on Twitter, leaving the community wondering whether he would proceed with the transfer or not. However, the latest announcement from Memepool has put the matter to rest.

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