MetaMask Back on Apple’s App Store After Short Absence

The MetaMask team cautioned users in a tweet to be cautious of questionable apps.
MetaMask Back on Apple’s App Store After Short Absence

MetaMask, a popular cryptocurrency wallet app, was removed from the Apple App Store in the United States temporarily but was quickly put back. This issue was initially reported by the Media Channel WatcherGuru on Twitter.

On October 14, users had trouble searching or downloading the MetaMask app from the Apple App Store. 

The MetaMask team recognized this problem and reassured users that “is not related to anything malicious, and our team is working hard to resolve it ASAP.”

This incident occurred as there were concerns about fake MetaMask apps circulating on the internet, leading to users’ accounts being exploited. 

MetaMask’s team advised users not to trust suspicious applications. Shortly after their initial tweet, they provided an update indicating that the MetaMask app had been reinstated in the App Store within an hour.

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