KuCoin Unveils Exclusive Rewards Challenge for New Affiliates

Newly registered affiliates with KuCoin can earn 100 USDT for each newly joined user on the exchange.
KuCoin Unveils Exclusive Rewards Challenge for New Affiliates

A popular cryptocurrency exchange, KuCoin, recently unveiled an exclusive opportunity for its newly onboarded affiliates. This initiative, known as the “KuCoin Newly Registered Affiliates Special Challenge,” enables these affiliates to secure guaranteed rewards over 14 days.

As per the update provided on August 14th, recently registered affiliates have the opportunity to bring in fresh users to the KuCoin cryptocurrency exchange. As a result, they can reap rewards for various activities, including KYC3 verification, deposits, and trades. This enticing challenge spans a duration of 14 days, and participants can continuously earn rewards and even secure a special coupon for their followers. 

Enrollment in this challenge comes seamlessly to newly registered affiliates, as there is no requirement for an additional registration process.

As of today, the challenge is officially underway and will be live until the third Sunday. If newly registered affiliates effectively attain over 50 newly registered users who fulfill a trading transaction on the KuCoin platform within the 14 days following the commencement of the event, they become eligible to receive 100 USDT each.

Moreover, newly invited users will be deemed eligible for the special coupon once they fulfill the standard user identity verification requirements and initiate their first deposit and trading operations on the KuCoin exchange. 

Furthermore, regarding the Leverage Experience Coupon, participants can accumulate 1 USDT for every 1,000 USDT traded on the exchange.

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