Javier Milei Trails in Argentina’s Presidential Run-off Race

Economy minister Sergio Massa leads with over 36%, but falls short of the 45% needed, forcing a runoff against Milei’s 30% in Argentina’s presidential race.
Javier Milei Trails in Argentina's Presidential Run-off Race

In the Argentine presidential election, pro-Bitcoin candidate Javier Milei did not win in the first round. Sergio Massa is leading with over 36%, while Milei has just over 30% of the vote. 

To win outright, a candidate needed 45% of the vote or 40% with a 10-point lead. So there will be a run-off vote on November 19. 

The current results with over 90% of the vote counted show unexpected result as Milei won the most votes in the country’s primary presidential election. 

Javier Milei is an anarcho-capitalist advocating for a smaller government, central bank abolition, and plans ditch the Argentine peso for the U.S. dollar, mirroring El Salvador’s Bitcoin strategy.

Massa, in contrast, plans to create a digital currency to combat inflation and is against adopting the U.S. dollar. The election occurs as Argentina faces poverty, a debt crisis, and high inflation, with the run-off set for November 19 to decide the presidency.

The Argentine presidential runoff on November 19 reflects a surprising shift, as pro-Bitcoin candidate Milei’s setback highlights the nation’s diverse economic ideologies, making the outcome pivotal for addressing Argentina’s pressing economic challenges.

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