Israeli vs. Hamas: Crypto Industry Scrambles To Aid Victims

Israeli vs. Hamas: Crypto Industry Scrambles to Aid Victims

Cryptocurrency professionals in Israel are resiliently pressing on with business amidst the tragedy and disruption inflicted by conflict with the Palestinian militant group Hamas. But many are also scrambling to provide relief and make sense of the magnitude of recent events.

Ben Samocha, CEO of Israeli crypto education portal CryptoJungle, was on route to the funeral of one of his students killed in a Hamas strike.  While giving an interview, he was routinely interrupted by rocket warning sirens.

Despite this war-situation, he organized a crypto fundraising effort for victims. 

Samocha expressed hope and optimism that the country, industry, and company would persevere through the turmoil. “Crypto is here to stay, blockchain is here to stay and we will need education, we will need content and we will be here to provide it,” he remarked.

Other Israeli crypto executives reported minimal business impact beyond personal inconveniences like bare grocery store shelves and stress from air raid warnings. Most firms already operate decentrally.

“We’re very aware that even in this unimaginable period, life needs to continue,” stated Guy Itzhaki, CEO of blockchain startup Fhenix.

But the harrowing human toll of casualties, injuries, and bombardment has brought existential questions and emotional exhaustion. Crypto professionals are still reeling from the killing of 10 civilians waiting for a bus by Hamas rockets.

Many Israeli crypto leaders are prioritizing aid efforts like fundraising, donations of goods, and blood drives for victims. Others assist by providing information services and cybersecurity against online threats.

A MondoDAO multisig wallet has gathered almost 100 Ethereum in crypto donations to be used transparently for medical and humanitarian relief via partner organizations.

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