Hit Network Working On A Buyout Deal For Ben Armstrong

Ben Armstrong will get 67% of ‘Bit Boy’ once an appraiser makes a complete valuation.
Hit Network working on a buyout deal for Ben Armstrong

TJ Shedd, the CEO of Hit Network, revealed during an interview that Hit Network is ready to offer a buyout deal to Ben Armstrong.

TJ Shedd disclosed this during the interview with Altcoin Daily host Aaron Arnold, where he also denied the allegation of stealing from Ben Armstong and firing him without any reason.

In the interview, TJ said that Hit Network is ready to offer Ben Armstrong 67% of the business valuation after an appraisal. The payout would be made in parts over a time period of 5 years. Hit Network plans to completely buy out Ben Armstrong from the ‘Bit Boy’ brand.

TJ blamed Ben for delaying by fighting the process the whole way through and replied yes, when Aaron questioned, What if Ben says today that “I want to take up that offer that’s still on the table, the buyout on those terms?” 

Ben Armstrong’s motion to stop the buyout deal was thrown off by the judge, and Hit Network still continues to get the valuation done to get Ben paid.

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