FCF Pay To Integrate Pi Coin On Its Crypto Payment Platform 

The integration will enable FCF users to purchase goods and services from over 20k companies using Pi Coin.
FCF Pay To Integrate Pi Coin On Its Crypto Payment Platform

Blockchain payments provider, FCF Pay has announced to integrate Pi Coin to cryptocurrency its payment network. 

In a twitter post, FCF Pay has said that the crypto payment network is looking forward to working closely with Pi Team and community. 

FCF Pay is a multiple blockchain payment processor platform that allows its users to buy retail goods and services using cryptocurrency from over 20k US companies. 

The crypto payment platform is expanding widely in recent time with integrating a wide range of cryptocurrencies to its payment platform including Bitcoin, USDT, BNB, SHIB and numerous others. 

A post from Pi Exchange, Pi Network’s native crypto trading platform, has said that the integration will enable users to buy products from Honda, a prominent car manufacturer. 

Pi Network is a blockchain that enables mobile users to mine its native cryptocurrency Pi Coin (PI) without requiring high-end hardwares and much resources. 

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