Ethereum Developers Separates ERC And EIP Repositories

All the ERCs and EIPs for Ethereum will be shared in separated Github repositories.
Ethereum Developers Separates ERC And EIP Repositories

The core developer team behind Ethereum has separated ERC from EIPs and created a new repository for all ERCs.

A proposal to distinguish both from one Github repository was shared with the Ethereum community in July, which sought to split ERC specifications into a new repository. This way, the EIPs would only be associated with core improvement proposals.

Ethereum Improvement Proposals (EIPs) are improvements that are centered around changes in the Ethereum network’s consensus layer. Whereas ERCs (Ethereum Request for Comments) are application related changes that do not have any impact on core network capability.

The separation has been discussed for years, but it has not received much attention. “For years, we’ve considered separating the repository,” stated the proposal. “This would allow ERC and EIP specifications to evolve more naturally due to their independence.”

Now the community has made a decision to draft EIPs separately as Ethereum’s consensus layer began utilizing the EIP process. An additional repository has been created to store Ethereum comment requests (ERCs).

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