Dev Proposes the Justice Art NFT Marketplace to AssangeDAO

The developers behind the project are also planning to drop the Assange-inspired Generative Twitter Avatar Profile Pic project into the marketplace.
Dev Proposes the Justice Art NFT Marketplace to AssangeDAO

Core developers of the AssangeDAO proposed the Justice Art NFT marketplace to the whole DAO community. To name a few core developers involved in this project, there are Zylo and EWillHelpYou as per their Discord username.

The developer Zylo made an announcement on AssangeDAO forum, putting forward this new Justice Art NFT marketplace to the AssangeDAO community. He wrote that if the DAO is happy with the project then they will completely transfer ownership of the NFT marketplace to the DAO.

After updating the marketplace with more features, there would be a snapshot voting process for all DAO members to participate. At present, the Justice NFT marketplace is running on the Goerli Test network and would later be launched on the Ethereum mainnet.

Unlike commercial NFT marketplaces, the Justice Art platform is a place for artists and Assange supporters to create artwork that is associated with Assange/JUSTICE/WikiLeaks/Cypherpunks and all the things that Julian Assange represents. 

The developer clearly mentioned that the intention behind this marketplace is not to try and compete with OpenSea or Foundation and sell NFTs.

Users can mint, list, sell, buy, and resell NFTs in the marketplace but cannot import NFTs unless they were originally created on the Justice Art NFT marketplace. The marketplace can also ban (delist) NFTs if not aligned with the purpose of the platform.

The Justice Art NFT marketplace is for creating art that supports Assange and to come together as a community. Artists can express themselves and their ideas to promote Julian’s freedom. Rather than selling a generic NFT, the platform is dedicated to fighting for justice.

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The developers are also planning to introduce the Generative Twitter Avatar Profile Pic project into the marketplace. Similar to a typical pfp NFT collection, there would be 10,000 Assange avatars which would be unique and random.

This is done to ensure all NFTs on the Justice Art platform are unique and of quality. Moreover, for speeding up loading time, the NFT marketplace has its own IPFS gateway where everything would be stored and cached by the gateway.

Note that users can pay in Justice tokens from the NFT and the gas fee must also be paid afterward in ETH. The platform currently offers 5% royalty on all NFTs which is permanently set to AssangeDAO treasury. Thus, the project can be highly beneficial for AssangeDAO in general.

As of now, there are no other fees or royalties in place but in the coming days, users may put royalties on their NFTs. Currently, the Justice Art NFT marketplace works with MetaMask, and similar to JUSTICE tokens, the platform would also use the Ethereum blockchain.

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However, if needed the platform could switch to a different blockchain. The live working demo will be shared in the coming week on the Goerli test net. 

The developers behind the project also asked interested developers to join them in launching the platform sooner. This way, the developers who want to help will get github access and vercel app access to work on the project right away.

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